An unusual piano recital you've never experienced before.

In honor of 25th foundation anniversary of Howden Group, as a part of the Social Responsibility Project organized all over the World, the unusual piano recital is in Turkey after India and Spain.

The concert, which will be performed by the world famous Pianist Odelia Sever at Zorlu PSM Turkcell Stage on September 12, 2019, will give the audience a pleasant music performance and this event will also contribute to Darüşşafaka Society equal opportunity mission in education.

Darüşşafaka Society

You may donate from here and support us to prepare a better future upon high quality education for 927 bright and talented Darüșșafaka students who have lost one or both their parents and have limited financial resources.

For organization details and sponsorship Aslıhan ZOR

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A Charity fundraising piano concert with Odelia SEVER

Biletino howden konser bileti

All income of this event will contribute to “equal opportunity in education” mission of Darüşşafaka Society. You will have chance to donate for the preparation of talented 927 fatherless and/or motherless students who are in financial difficulty, for the future with the help of qualified education.

Odelia Eliezerov Sever

Odelia Eliezerov Sever began playing the piano at the age of three and a half and soon showed outstanding talents.

Following her Master's degree (M Mus) from the Royal Academy of Music in London, she exhibited her creative style at the concert for years. 


Throughout her career, Odelia was a partner and worked with a number of musical ensembles such as Zarastro Trio, Amadeus Quartet and Tangobar, an Argentinean Tango Quintet. 

Israel, Britain, Belgium, Turkey, New Zealand and India took the stage.

After returning to his native Israel, Odelias created a series of unique performances that combine different types of performing arts (such as video, dance and acting).

More recently, she has directed and directed many playlists and commendable chamber music series. Odelia continues to perform solo. 

She unites other works of art, works as a choir assistant and works on classical piano projects for the Israeli Opera House.

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